The Upstate SC Bonsai Study Group meets in Greenville, SC. Members from all of the upstate counties of South Carolina, and anyone else willing to drive, that are interested in bonsai are welcome to join this. We will be posting a meeting schedule soon, but a rough estimate of the years meetings will be on the 2nd Saturday of the month. Guests are welcome to visit. Our current location is Green Thumb Bonsai Nursery (link below).

With the closest bonsai club being hours away, Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson SC are without any form of club or study group for bonsai. Until now, anyone interested in joining a bonsai club or study group was left to their own devices, short of driving hours to go to club meetings. To that end, the formation of a bonsai study group in the Upstate of South Carolina is currently underway. We believe the interest is high enough to warrant forming a bonsai study group or bonsai club for beginner and advanced alike, willing to dedicate one Saturday a month to learning from each other. The upstate area of South Carolina seems to be beckoning for just such a club.

We are an informal group getting together to share what we know and assist each other in advancing this hobby, art, or pastime. Please feel free to offer any ideas. We strive to promote bonsai in South Carolina, by attendance to shows and displays, with participation therein, as well as instructional sessions with local artists.

Have you ever seen a bonsai and wondered what it takes to grow them? Do you (think you) already know? Are you tired of the lack of support for bonsai in the Upstate area of South Carolina? Think you could learn from, or teach, others in a very low-pressure, informal setting?

All you need:

Possibilities as a group ...or "Why you should come out!":


This is going to be an informal study group covering all aspects of bonsai. We'll watch videos and live demos of styling and care techniques for bonsai. We'll discuss each other's trees. We'll create bonsai from raw stock, refine them, and change them as they need it, and as we progress. A repotting workshop of members' trees might make for a good winter workshop and a nice get-to-know you program. We'll also have access to literally thousands of pre-bonsai material grown specifically for bonsai.

Laurens, Greenwood, Anderson, Greenville, Pickens, Oconee, Spartanburg, and probably Cherokee counties all will be best served by having a group thats is local to their area for the study of bonsai. We hope to have a thriving membership from all of these counties so that bonsai in the Upstate of South Carolina can move from the backyard to the limelight! Do your part to make this Bonsai Study Group a reality. Join the Club!

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