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Even if you're not on Facebook, you should be able to see our updates publicly. This website gets stale occasionally, but the Facebook page & group are interactive throughout the month. Reminders are also posted the week of the meeting, in case you haven't penciled us in every 4th Saturday of the month.

Upstate Bonsai Members group --The interactive group

Upstate SC Bonsai Study Group page --Updates are posted here occasionally as well.

Bonsai in the Upstate of South Carolina

Ours is a pretty informal study group. We meet monthly at Green Thumb Bonsai in Greenville SC on the 4th Saturday of the month @ 10 am. Members from all over the Upstate area of SC (Greenville, Laurens, and Pickens Counties are all well-represented) come and work on the art, and craft of bonsai. We've mostly focused on our own bonsai trees, while lending ideas and insight (and fresh perspective) for each other's trees. Our meetings will usually consist of each member discussing the tree they've brought. We take turns detailing the strengths and weaknesses of our own tree before opening up the floor for discussion. Each member is free to do what they like with any recommendations on their trees. (That is, ignore it if you want to!)

We're also there to lend an extra hand if you need help repotting a tree, or bending a large branch. If you'd just like to see how other folks style their trees, come and see what we have going on. There are no dues or fees, just enthusiasts eager to learn bonsai. We sort of have a rotating schedule where one member has to lead the initial discussion. You get to teach what you know or feel confident about. We've found we can all learn this way.

We've tossed around the idea of exhibiting in the Carolina Bonsai Expo in the coming years. To that end we have a few trees that have been donated as Study Group trees that are cared for @ Green Thumb Bonsai. I've linked to images of the trees that we have already worked on, and will continue to update the status of their progress. Look for a gallery of individual's as well as group trees soon.

We have a few ideas that we're going to be tossing around.

"Latest" news

The latest happenings are posted @ our News link. I've been known to be a little lax on updating it but aren't we all? (Don't answer that.) If you miss a meeting and wonder what we did without you check the link.

We now have a gallery system in place posted at our Gallery page. Feel free to sign up and post your trees for all to see. It really helps to see the progression of trees. Its useful to your design so that you can see what has worked for you, and its nice for people learning to see what is possible ...and possibly how to do it. Do with it as you like.

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