More Interest…
Posted on December 21st, 2006 at 9:15 am by admin

More interest means good things. Again, I’m waiting on contact info for a handful of folks, but we’ve had more interest via customers of Green Thumb Bonsai. I’m happy to know that John’s doing his part to promote the group. The more people that find out about it, the better in my opinion.

We need to set a time. My arbitrary decision for the 2nd Saturday of the month doesn’t fly well with some people so I ask you, When is a good time for you to meet? I think that Saturday will be the ideal day for it, so choose one and lets get started. Just email me and I’ll disperse this info on this link as soon as we’ve decided.

Search Engine Rankings: We are ranking pretty high for the relevant search criteria on Google, as well as Yahoo & MSN (SC bonsai club, Upstate SC bonsai club). I’m hoping that this placement in the search engines will be a boon for the club after Christmas. I wish “SC Bonsai” gave us a little higher ranking, but alas thats not the hand we’re dealt.

I’ll continue working on making this site useful, as well as promoting it to relevant organizations. I ask that you do the same. Please if you do get a link from another site, let me know about it. I appreciate any help I can get.

In the beginning…
Posted on December 11th, 2006 at 9:15 am by admin


Well, I’m pretty excited about whats come from the simple promotions I’ve been doing. I’ve got flyers out at a handful of nurseries in the upstate, and the propietors and staff of each have been most helpful. I hope they’ll help me promote the group to anyone buying something that suspiciously resembles bonsai-related materials.

I could use your help in getting the word out. At first I wasn’t sure that the website itself would be a viable marketing tool, but with the holidays coming, more people might be looking for a club to join to help save their bonsai. If you’d be willing to see about getting some flyers hosted I’ll be more than happy to get you the word document, or even print them and see about getting them to you. Let me know and I’ll work with you on this.

Group stuff

Now, what all of you are interested in: I’ve managed to located 3 people that are interested in the study group. I’ll be contacting (preferably via email, though I don’t have email addresses for everyone involved) those who I’ve been in contact with to see when would be a good time. I know the holidays are a little busy so we may have to put this off for January some time.

There are some other people (4-5 is a good number) who likely are interested, but I’m waiting on their contact information. These are people who John Green of Green Thumb Bonsai says are active in bonsai already. Hopefully they’ll have some experience to pull from.

Not exactly group related

I’ve been on a few bonsai-related trips recently. I went to Summerville SC on Thanksgiving and spent some one on one with the proprietor of Tokanoma Bonsai and (rough) styled two junipers. In so doing, he mentioned a strong interest in seeing our group make it. He volunteered his services to do a demonstration and/or workshop to kick off the group. He has some excellent shimpaku juniper and black olive stock as well.

I just returned from a weekend in Columbia. I spent a good part of the day with the President and Webmaster for the South Carolina Bonsai Club. He showed me around his garden and trees and was very gracious to answer my questions. He then contacted a few of his club’s members and we soon were getting a tour of their gardens. The trees blur together now, but there was some fantastic material, even in their winter garb, displayed among mounds of mulch keeping them warm for winter. One of his members, whose garden we saw last is a vendor of bonsai materials. As a group, it would be great to go down in the spring and browse thru all of his selection. If I recall correctly there were a few “Best In Show” trees (from past Carolina Bonsai Expos) sitting in his garden. His selection of pottery was very nice, as were the other members.

The generosity of these guys with their time and expertise speaks very highly of their group. They each have an interest in seeing our group succeed, and I can foresee a lot of cooperation between the two groups. Things are looking pretty exciting for our group whenever we can manage to get started.

Thanks for sticking through all this with me. I’m not a glorious leader, and neither am I terribly organized. If you have any questions or comments, please!!! Let me have ’em. I really need to know when is a good time to meet with you guys. Does the 2nd Saturday of each month sound good? For instance, that’d be January 13 of ’07. That sounds like a good date for a club meeting to me. Does it to you? Email me @