Styling is complete; or …March 24, 2007 highlights
Posted on March 24th, 2007 at 9:15 am by admin

Well, thats a big lie. We did do some work on the big holly I linked to last time. Its a drastic improvement. I believe everyone agrees that what was done needed doing, but it wasn’t completely obvious to everybody at first. We had to remove a good bit of wood to get back to what we have left. The plan is to have a nice broad crown a bit lower on the trunk. We left some trunks pretty long but they’ll be shortened eventually.

Pics after the jump:

Here is the “after” photo for the holly.

Holly after

This is a proposed future for the holly.

Future for the holly

We also started working on a shimpaku juniper. The styling decisions on this one were a bit more difficult to make. There was a huge section of trunk that was growing pretty straight, but had little growth on one side. We’ll eventually be going for an informal upright with the possibility of a rather impressive jin growing off to the left. Sorry that the photo linked below doesn’t show this tree to its best advantage.

Here is the Shimpaku Juniper mentioned above.

Shimpaku Juniper

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