Months’ backlog
Posted on July 30th, 2007 at 9:15 am by admin

My apologies for not updating this page any sooner. I have been meaning to add images to the Gallery but I just haven’t taken the time to do that. We’ve had a couple good study groups/workshops since the last update.

Rusty Harris brought several of his trees down from the Charlotte area. He showed us how to improve a chosen front by twisting the branches into submission …or into place. Those pictures are posted in the Gallery, under his name. Take a look. Without the description it just looks like he put too much wire on the tree. It took 2 sets of hands and some carefully applied force. I was surprised that it took that much force to twist the trunk, but even more surprised that the trunk didn’t snap. I’d love an update on the tree, though I’m sure its healthy.

The work on the large holly continued. We removed one more trunk that improved the silhouette greatly. This tree just needs some time to develop the branching and foliage since we’ve cut so much away. It has backbudded profusely and we thinned out half of it during one of our meetings. The other half needs thinning so bring out your pruners and have at it.

After a forest workshop, John brought out a small trident forest that he wanted our opinion on. It looked good as it was but we decided that it could use some work. After a little discussion on what makes a good forest, and appropriate design, John turned his back for a second and we brought out the loppers. (He donated this one as a “study group” tree so we didn’t just take it on ourselves to hack at his tree…. Don’t be frightened.) I have some after shots that I need to post in the gallery too. Hopefully a little time will make this one a show stopper as well.

John is going to be showing us some pine care techniques at this month’s meeting (July 28). If you’re not a pine nut, bring your trees and we’ll lend you a hand with them if you need it.

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