April 2011 meeting update
Posted on April 25th, 2011 at 11:21 am by admin

We had a pretty good turnout with several visitors this month.  As mentioned in the email, I demonstrated Air Layering on a Trident Maple.  I ended up doing 2 of these.  Hopefully we’ll be able to separate them by late Summer.

The first tree (pics 1 & 2) was airlayered JUST above the first branches.

The 2nd tree (3, 4, & 5) shows a trident that was chopped as it was being approach grafted.  I pulled a branch around, cut a channel for that branch to lay in, and sliced off the bark that would fit inside the channel.  Then it was wrapped tightly so that there was NO movement of the branch.  I’m not certain I’ve got good contact on that branch so we’ll have to see whether this one takes.

The 3rd tree (last 2 pics) was the result of pretty severe cutting back of a much more involved tree.  You can see where the 2 major cuts were made.  I airlayered JUST below the bottom cut (right as the inverse taper and bad roots begins).

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Link Here | November 30, 2011,

Hi! I’m am interested in Bonsai, and while researching the topic, I happened upon the Upstate Study Group. I live in Anderson and am interested in joining this group, or at the very least visit. Is there an email address I can contact someone at to find out when the next meeting is? Thanks,

Comment by Ken

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